About me

Hey! My name is Jan Trippner and I am a graphic designer. I design logos for clients and for advertising agencies (as a subcontractor).

How can I help your company

I can help you start your adventure with your company better – you’ll start with a solid image that suits your company, not a project stolen by the „graphic designer” (and you’ll have to fight in the court for the right to use it with its true owner) or clip art (to which you will not have any rights, if your company achieves success and further activities will require registration of the logo). You will also receive all necessary files and logos – they will be needed depending on the selected applications (single color printing, embroidery, foil wrapping, etc.).

How I became a professional designer

I have always been fascinated by the concise form of logo designs. Regardless of whether it was a logo of a well-known company or brand, or a music band. Then I accidentally became interested in graphic design during my studies. My first job after graduation was also associated with graphic design. A new fascination with logo design started a few years later. I’ve been designing less and less websites, and more and more logos. Today I design almost exclusively logos and visual identity.

Can you trust me

Among the clients for which I designed were: Volkswagen, BP, Cadbury and Hasbro. My works have been printed in the leading publications on the subject of logo design: LogoPond Book and LogoLounge Book. Despite hundreds of completed projects, I treat each logo as a new challenge. See my profile on Logopond web portal.

What distinguishes me from others

Honesty towards the client and the quality of work. The customer receives all necessary files and logos. I also make every effort to ensure that the designs perfectly match the project brief that was provided. If I misinterpret it, what can happen in case of creative work – I will add additional concepts to the package without additional payment.

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