The horse, who walked by foot


Hey, reader!
My name is Hyacinth.
I am a horse.


But I am not an ordinary horse.
I got tired with walking everywhere.
I wanted to find the right car for me.
You will see how I dealt with my problem.


The car seemed to be comfortable.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be too small for me.
By the way, I broke the window with my hoof.
I also tore fabric on the seat.


And the car is smokey.
Turned out to not be for me …
I was a little sad because of this.
But I decided not to give up …


Perhaps a bus would be more comfortable?
I bought a ticket in the kiosk.
I am a young horse.
So I bought a half-priced ticket.


I was happy that I will have it validated.
I also wanted to take a seat next to the driver.
It turned out that horses are not allowed on buses.
But I did not give up.
I decided to check out some other vehicles …


I wanted to feel the wind in my mane …
Feel truly free …
Free like a bird …
Free like a pterosaur …


A motorcycle seemed a good choice.
At first I was very pleased.
But after this trip I had flies in my teeth.
I felt disgusted … this is not for me.


Oh, I am such a silly goose …
I am a horse!
Why can’t I prance?
Happiness was so close the whole time!


I can walk, stomp and prance!
This I love the most!
Others love me because of that.
I will grow this talent.
And I will neigh with pride!


Later …
I visited the whole world.
And all this – by foot!