Logo for NGO free of charge

Does your organization need a logo? That’s great because every two weeks I design a logo for one NGO free of charge.

What you need to do?

  1. Do you have links (in English) to two credible mentions of your organization (or, if it does not exist yet, two links about your own activities in the field)? – I want to know that your organization is (or will be) real, so you’ll need to provide them while booking a logo.
  2. You can share this Facebook post on your Facebook wall (as a public post) to spread the word, but you don’t have to do that – it’s your choice.
  3. Book the available date in the system below – include the information about your future logo – name, description of your activity and your target audience, preferred and avoided colors, suggested logo mark (if you protect wolves, for example – it can be a wolf’s silhouette) and links mentioned in 1st point. If you know that any specific logo design style would fit your NGO’s needs – let me know by providing examples. I may ask some additional questions then to be sure I understood it all well.
  4. The process of designing your logo will last at most two weeks. You’ll get three initial ideas after about a week. Then you choose one of them. We do three series of changes to this chosen design. After we have our final logo designed, you’ll get the logo files: vector EPS, vector PDF, raster JPG, raster transparent PNG.