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Together we can create a logo that will attract the best customers to your project.

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The life of a small business owner is busy. You have to deal with many different fields – marketing, sales, accounting, logistics … and finally, what the company specializes in.

“Jan thinks deeply about each project and looks for optimal solutions, he also listens to client’s needs”

Logo design is often the beginning of a successful journey … or vice versa. It’s good to start it properly. By working with Jan Trippner you will create a brand that you and your customers will love. As a part of the smooth logo design process we will also create the foundation for consistent other graphic design materials.

“Excellent professional advice, thanks to which I was able to make an optimal decision, in line with our needs, budget and expectations”

By analyzing your initial survey, we’ll be able to create a reasonable branding strategy for your business. And you’ll be able to concentrate more on your business specialty. Additionally, you’ll even be able to reduce the cost of running your business, because you will not spend money on marketing that’s unnecessary.

“In the end, we started to look like someone doing something serious”

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Completed logo designs

“The end result was more than satisfactory”

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What you get with Jan Trippner, and not with other companies

There are things that almost every company gives to the customer: a set of diverse files (vector and raster), etc …

“Great technical support and excellent designs”

Here you can see what Jan Trippner will give you, and most other companies will ask for additional money for it:

One color and full color versions

Most companies will give you files with a color logo version. But what if you want to make a one-color embroidery, a stamp, an engraver, burn a mark on a wood or stick a car with a single-color foil? If you work with Jan Trippner you will not have to worry about it because the one-color version is included in the cost of the project.

Horizontal and vertical versions

The vertical version usually looks just nicer than the horizontal version of the logo design on most corporate prints. But in times of very low web page headings and many companies moving to the “virtual world” having also a version of a horizontal logo is essential. Jan Trippner offers both in each logo package.

More concepts and more series of changes

Many companies give you three logo designs to choose from. Jan Trippner is different – in the MEDIUM package you get up to seven logo designs. Moreover, they are performed in three rounds (3 projects in the first, 3 projects in the second and 1 in the third round), so even if the first round will fail, in the second and third you will be able to fine-tune exactly what you need based on previous concepts. Very often you get three series of changes to your chosen concept. Jan Trippner gives you up to six series of changes in the MEDIUM package. This allows you to refine your chosen logo design to perfection.

Designer with honors

There is nothing to cheat, many occasional offers equal a weak aesthetic. Or – maybe even worse – stolen projects or projects made of ready-made graphics (cliparts). Jan Trippner is a graphic designer who has been featured in leading books about logo design: LogoPond Book and LogoLounge Book.

Transparent and attractive prices

How many times, by looking at price lists, you asked yourself “What did the author mean by that?” Jan Trippner gives prices with an open text. Compare prices and quality with competitive companies. Often at comparable or lower prices Jan Trippner gives you more projects – plus these are better quality projects.

Included for free

Not that many companies add free business card design even to the cheapest logo design package. Letterhead, graphics for Facebook – all of them (of course plus a business card design) are available for free as part of the MEDIUM and PRO packages.

“Jan shows commitment, creativity and responsibility”

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Choose the right logo package for you

Package One Shot Medium Pro
Logo files Vector EPS, vector PDF, raster JPG, raster PNG with transparency
Color versions One-color (eg for stamps, engraving, foil carving, monochrome printing) and full color versions
Logo versions Vertical and horizontal version of logo (eg for the header of the website)
Initial ideas Design based on customer’s idea Up to 7 concepts Up to 15 concepts
Series of changes to the chosen concept Up to 4 Up to 6 Up to 12
Additional concept cost (USD) 50
Additional series of changes cost (USD) 20
Free business card design prepared for the print Included
Free Facebook avatar and cover design Included
Free letterhead design prepared for the print Included
Advance payment (USD) 40 150 250
Price (USD) 70 350 600

“He is a great listener and he communicates well with clients”

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